Enhancing and Proofreading


This handout gives you some pointers and strategies for revising your writing. To offer the chance to apply proofreading, we have kept several mistakes a few spelling mistakes, two punctuation errors, and 2 grammatical faults with the text message of your handout. See if you can location them!


Not really. Even though many clients work with the phrases interchangeably, editing and proofreading are two alternative stages of the revision technique. Both together growing demand nearby and sensible scanning through, however direct attention to very different features of the writing and use several means.



Editing is precisely what you start participating in at the time you finish the first draft. You reread your write to discover, for sample, regardless of if the paper is basically-organized, the transitions connecting lines are gentle, and the evidence rather backs increase debate. You could edit on various quantities:


Have you taken care of all things the assignment usually requires? Are probably the assertions you are making authentic? When it is necessary for this, does your paper make an argument? Will probably be the debate accomplish? Are all of your claims frequent? Have you supported each and every one aspect with adequate verification? Is the range of suggestions within the paper connected to the assignment and/or your current writing aim? For added details, see our handouts on mastering tasks and increasing an argument.

On the whole system

Does your paper have a suitable advent and final result? Will probably be your thesis undoubtedly mentioned on your own guide? Has it been fresh how every paragraph within your body to your paper is related to your thesis? Would be sentences established in your sensible series? Have you done clean transitions involving paragraphs? One technique to look into the format to your paper is to generate a reverse outline for you in the paper as soon as you have written and published the initial write. See our handouts on introductions, conclusions, thesis statements, and transitions.

Framework located in lines

Does each individual section have a particular subject phrase? Does every individual paragraph keep on with it major view? Are there any extraneous or passing up sentences in any of your lines? See our handout on section design.


Have you characterized any major phrases that has to be uncertain for your readers? Could possibly be the concept of each and every one phrase sharp? One particular way to address this question is almost always to learn your paper a specific sentence at a time, establishing afterwards and working hard backwards so that you will not subconsciously complete written content from original phrases. Can it be precise what each individual pronoun he, she, it, they, which, who, this, and so forth .. means? Have you identified the appropriate key phrases to convey your opinions? Stay away from phrases you will find throughout thesaurus that are not component of your traditional terminology; you can improper use them.


Have you preferred an appropriate overall tone conventional, casual, persuasive, and so forth .. ? Will be your making use of gendered vernacular manly and feminine pronouns like “he” or “she,” expressions like “fireman” that contain “man,” and sentences that numerous people inaccurately consider apply at a particular sex-for model, several people expect “nurse” should always consult women relevant? Have you mixed the duration and arrangement with your sentences? Can you tends to makes use of the unaggressive tone of voice too much? Does your writing carry a large amount of needless terminology like “there is,” “there are,” “due to the belief that,” et cetera.? Do you really returning a very good concept for example, a vibrant fundamental verb unnecessarily? For guidelines, see our handouts on pattern and sex-hypersensitive foreign language.


Have you effectively mentioned quotations, paraphrases, and ideas you have from providers? Are the citations at the correct file format? Read the UNC Libraries citation training for more info .. Since you edit at these types of quantities, you will usually make substantive changes with the subject matter and wording of your own paper. Keep an eye out for patterns of fault; understanding what types of matters you frequently have may be helpful, especially if you are editing a sizable information for instance a thesis or dissertation. Whenever you have acknowledged a trend, you will build up specialist methods for recognizing and repairing foreseeable future instances of that routine. For instance, when you notice that you simply traditionally talk about quite a lot of distinctive matters in every single paragraph, you could endure your paper and underline the crucial phrases in any section, then stop the sentences up to be sure that each one targets just one chief concept.